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Performance Media

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Performance Content

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Planning & Insights

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Analytics & Technology

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Permormance Consulting

Marketing Consultancy for Business Outcomes

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Our large breadth of specialism combined with our strategic partnerships covers every facet of digital marketing. Providing our clients with integrated solutions that deliver best-in-class performance, we turn every intention into a relevant transaction.

Working with over 200 advertising networks and marketing platforms such as:

Admad - Performance Marketing Agency Admad - Performance Marketing Agency
About us

Our team

Our team is made up of nearly 30 passionate professionals who want more than just close projects. We are keen on playing our part in the new and improved communication.

To build fresh and positive experience for your clients. Each member of our team offers a different perspective, but we all have a common direction as we focus on your brand and your goals.

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Why Admad?

Our experience

Leverage the experience of those who have successfully delivered hundreds of projects. We have tested a number of different approaches, learning much the hard way and coming up with our own methods. Today, we can achieve even more.


Why would you leave your business goals to us? Because we take no halfway measures. By careful selection of tools and meticulous testing, we search for solutions that will precisely meet both your and our expectations.


Watch how we can change for you! Each project is a new and different chapter, and we take no beaten paths. Our work and tools are adapted to your expectations, based on the ongoing changes.


Working with us, you can sit back and relax. Deadlines and time lines are everything to us. Even if there are some obstacles in our way, we seek out new solutions right away to make you and your clients happy, no exceptions.

Want to join our team?

Job openings

Junior Paid Social Media Specialist

Warsaw, Poland

Preparation and implementation of sales-oriented campaigns, Monitoring and optimization of the campaign according to the goals; Ongoing campaign reporting, preparation of summaries and recommendations; Accounting of conducted advertising projects; Analysis of target groups, market trends and competition activities.

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Junior Performance Marketing Specialist

Warsaw, Poland

In this role, you will have the responsibility of growing the top of the funnel through various marketing channels, optimizing spend across the brand, and reporting on key performance metrics associated with these channels to best allocate spend.

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